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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

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Noodles - Judgement Day - The End All Be All

Top Billion & Hook Heavy - Diamonds In My Ears Remix - Produced By Kazzi Musik

G Malone - Go Big On Em - Produced By Midi Mafia

Free Singles : Ministry - Too Bad - Beat Produced By Metafortae

Metafortae - I'm Tryin

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Free Beat - Me

Free Beat - Somebodies Getting Dirty

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Lyrics - That Thang

Metafortae - That Thang - Producer Vybe Beatz - 9/6/2010

The way you move that thang makes me wanna wild out
like a lead guitarist you know what I'm talkin bout,
When You kiss me light switch yeah you turn me on,
You got that thang you that thang you got thang
The way you move that thang makes me wanna wild out
like a lead guitarist you know what I'm talkin bout,
I Love To Make You Smile baby let me hold you down,
Let me hold you down let let let me hold you down.
My Heart Beats Faster When You Touch it,
Cuzz you got that thang baby girl i love it ,
You make me o you make me sweat
All i think about is how ill make u wet.

You know my steez you know style Aint no point in running game,
All these dudes just want your body But my feeling aren't the same
I would rather wife you up, keep a ring, Take My Name, I would call u bubble butt,
Girl you know that I'm not playin, When i call and say i miss you,
I mean every single word, ill protect you when they diss you,
Call me keek cuzz that's my word,
Anybody hating on this, gotta report to me,
Cuzz I'm going all out and i do it, for free,
Just remember what i told ya you can ride me like the rolla
I'll be your exclusive like radio's first high rolla.
I do what the others cant' do, I'll keep you on high,
And yo swagg match my swagg too cuzz we that fly.

When you kiss me i just float away, Your Smile Makes My Day Ok
The type of girl, even T.I. would try to stoe away.
You should let me hold you down, be my wonder women,
While i'm spitting lightning baby you can be my thunder women,
You make my sky change From Gray To Sunny breezy,
By way your heart beats it lets me know you need me,
Lets not waste time, i'm yearning for you touch,
That Thang Got Me Jumpin like i'm playing double dutch,

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Lyrics - Just Who I Am

Metafortae - Just Who I Am - Tues Dec 7, 9:00Pm 2010 San Diego CA, USA

Riiiiiiiiiiiide threw my memories,
Riiiiiiiiiiiide through my heart and soul,
Before darkness takes my sanity,
I hope that yoooooou, get to know,

Just who I am (its getting closer) Quickly now
(Just Who I Am) Don't wait till i am gone (don't let me go)
Just Who I Am, They Got The Knife (and they're cutting me slow)
Just Who I Am, I pray to god don't let me go.

Verse One:
I Figured out how to jump and not leave the ground,
With my eyes closed i can still see around,
Your My Destination, where i, run in hide,
come take advantage of my love tonight,
My freestyle be style, umma doo what i want, Do it all night,
Its metafortae meta meta yeah nobody ever does it better

Just who I am (its getting closer) Quickly now
(Just Who I Am) Don't wait till i am gone (don't let me go)
Just Who I Am, They Got The Knife (and they're cutting me slow)
Just Who I Am, I pray to god don't let me go.

Verse Two:
I give my all for you with a smiley face,
Keep me safe with and warm in your special place,
All my swag with me but I'm so afraid,
All my enemies holding hate grenades,
Before darkness takes my sanity,
I hope that yoooooou, get to know, get to know...

Just who I am (its getting closer) Quickly now
(Just Who I Am) Don't wait till i am gone (don't let me go)
Just Who I Am, They Got The Knife (and they're cutting me slow)
Just Who I Am, I pray to god don't let me go.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

License Metafortae's Music For Your Film Or Project

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Metafortae On The Indie Top 50 Vol 1 Mixtape

The Indie Top 50 Vol. 1

Featuring: Tone Trump, Metafortae, Various Artists




1. Tone Trump- For The Game
2. The Astronomical Kid- Power Remix
3. J Murk- All About My Chips
4. Tone Trump- Time to Go (ft. Freeway & Dilemma)
6. ILLiJah- On My Way
7. Desyree- Lady Luxury featuring Emperor P
8. Kool-Da-Great- Surviving In Queens Feat Gats
9. 2 Of A Kind- K.C.M.O (Kansas City)
10. Tone Trump - We On (ft. Hell Rell, Fred the Godson, & Torch)
11. Paradox- Ghetto Living ft. Nisha Reece
12. Eazy- Special
13. Hotshot aka Mr Whatz Happenin- Stallion ft Cuzzo
14. SK4MC- Paraplegic
16. Slimdyme- Everywhere
18. Boozy- Stop Hatin' (Feat. Yockz)
19. Filthy Records PhilKyza Ft. SunnyBishop- I Put It In
20. Karess- Freaky Type
21. Yockie Joe- Dope Fly
22. Beam- Always strapped
23. Liz Primo- Wind Me Up
24. 2WIN-Leave Ur Heart Achin
25. 36Zero and Mega Marvelous-360 Marvelous
27. Charasmatic- Detox
28. P Dubble-The Lifestyle
32. Luigi- Hard In the Paint Freestyle
33. JYdaKid- Im Dat Nigga
34. Pressure Boy- Never Like You
35. Vito Vanson- I Gota Banger BANGER
36. Don Diva- Don Diva
37. Pressure Boy ft. GBoi ToeDown- Fuck Em All
38. F.O.C.- Go Dumb
39. Chris Haas ft. Sniper- In These Streets
40. De~Buse- Should Have Came
41. Eljay- Get That Money
42. J Continuous- This Real Music
43. KB DA MARATHON MAN- Split It And Roll It
44. Metafortae- Soo Coo
45. Mr.C- Bottles Up
46. Otoole- Outdone
47. Poshe The First Lady- Hot Damn
48. Rawson-I dont see yall
49. Tru shine bell ringerz (Don-P, Fever-too-sick-, D.Heaterz- WAR
50. SHEF ft Bobby Swagg Big Truck- Whoopem

Friday, September 24, 2010

Income and Expenses Surrounding Your Music

As you look over the income sources remember that outside of some live performance fees, and sales of your music and merchandise (like T-shirts, etc) most of the income sources take years to develop. I get questions all the time about where will the money come from to start up a label, or your own business? The answer is this. From wherever you can get it loans, sugar daddies, lottery winningswhatever. Raising the funds to start your own business is your own business. Perhaps now you understand why so many musicians and bands want those record deals. Record labels front the money to develop, market, and promote their artists. Record labels are businesses that understand it costs a lot of money to sell an artists recordings, and the successful labels are well funded so that they can go out there and fight the good fight, marketing the records they have released.

Read this and weep, or better yet read this and PLAN!

1) A Musician or Bands Source of Income:
a) Live Performance Fees
b) Sales of your own recording OR
c) Record Label Recording Contract Royalties
d) Songwriter/Publishing Income Sources

* Mechanical Royalties
* Performance Royalties
* Synchronization Fees
* Sheet Music Sales
* Commercials/Jingles Income
* Internet Streaming Fees (pending)

e) Merchandising Royalties ( T-Shirts etc.)
f) Misc. Income Sources

* Investment Income
* Endorsements
* Songbook and Video Sales
* Multimedia Product Sales

2. Expenses for a Musician or Band (Putting out their own record):

a) Recording fees:CD/Tape

* Producer/Engineer
* Studio Costs ( From Pro Tools to 24 Track)
* Tape and other studio supplies
* Equipment Rental charges
* Guest Musician fees
* Mixing and Mastering fees

b) Graphic Artist/Cover Art Design costs
c) CD/Tape/Vinyl Manufacturing/Duplication charges
d) Promotional Expenses (Independent Radio Promo Reps/Independent Sales Reps,)
e) Marketing and Sales Plan costs (One sheets, Co-op advertising dollars, Ad money)
f) Publicity/Promotional Material Costs

* Publicists Fees
* Promo/Publicity Kit Design costs
* Flyers, Posters, Envelope Design costs
* Printing/Copying charges
* Photographer fees and duplication charges

g) Office Expenses

* Rent
* Stationary and office supplies/furniture
* Postage
* Phone and utilities bill
* Office equipment ( computers, fax machines, phones et al.)

h) Taxes

* Local, State, and Federal taxes
* Tax preparation costs/Bookkeeper fees

i) Band Equipment Costs

* Instrument purchases/rentals
* Tour Luggage
* Misc. equipment repair/maintenance costs (strings, drumsticks etc.)
* CDs and Tapes ( for listening and study purposes)
* Misc. recording/playback equipment (4 track recorder/mixer etc.)
* Sound system
* Rehearsal space costs

j) Songwriting

* Copyright registration filing costs
* Performance Rights Organization Fees ( ASCAP-BMI-SESAC)
* Talent Lessons ( vocals, instrument instructions, etc)
* Conferences/ Seminars budget

k) Artist Business Team Costs

* Personal Manager/Consultant fees
* Business Manager/Accountant fees
* Booking Agent fees
* Publicist fees
* Music Attorney fees

l) Transportation costs

* Auto/ Van purchase/rental/Insurance costs
* Maintenance costs (gas, service, repair)
* Airline, bus, and/or train tickets
* Highway/Ferry tolls

m) Touring expenses

* Per Diem ( for food, lodging etc.)
* Road Manager/Roadies salaries
* Lighting/Sound equipment purchase/rental costs

n) Merchandise (T-Shirts etc.)

* Design costs
* Manufacturing and shipping costs

o) Website and Internet Fees

* Website design, maintenance, connection fees etc.)
* E-commerce setup and processing fees
* Email setup and processing fees

p) Miscellaneous Expenses

* Costumes/Stage clothing
* Insurance (health, equipment, life etc.)
* Union dues
* Video production and manufacturing costs
* Whatever else comes along that you forgot about

Friday, September 17, 2010

Metafortae On Tune Core

Check Out The Tune Core Media Player/widget at the bottom of the page. Inside That Player contains metafortae's biography, videos, singles, donation link, Pictures and more!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Independent Albums Starring Metafortae

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Against Da Grain Front Cover

Against Da Grain Back Cover

Itunes - Reverbnation - Soundclick - Against Da Grain

Missin Money Front Cover

Missin Money Back Cover

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mixtapes Featuring Metafortae

Sponsored Mixtapes:

Dat Piff - Kazzi Musik - Metafortae - The Lab Cook Up Vol 1

Coast To Coast Mixtape Vol. 66 - Metafortae - Star On The Rise Featuring Ministry

DJ Green Lantern's Dirty Invasion - Metafortae - Look Me In The Eye

The Showcase Vol 54 - Ministry - Mad Man Smooth - Track 19 - The Warning

Metafortae's Mixtape Volume 1`Front Cover

DJ Mysteree - Mixtape Vol 1 - Metafortae - I'm Tryin - Taking Out The Trash