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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Metafortae - Take Note Produced By Sledgren

Lyrics To Take Note

Intro: Sleddro (west side west side)this hard dog,
yeah (east side east side, yeah)
Oh you know I'm gon kill it! (south side south side yeah)
Listen... (north side) Listen (north side, lets go)

Not down with a set i only rep music,
Skip the pen with a pen pimp game fluent,
My women either strong and bold or their sweet but feisty
I get it how i want cause i work my tool nicely...
I don't front, but these rappers do,
Stunt on me ill show you what the mac will do,
if you able to understand how the streets work,
You won't get robbed by girls wearing cheap skirt.

If i had to do it over,
Id dip threw these streets again,
Break bread wit my peeps,
and make you take note, that I'm a west coast G

Verse Two:
Dippin threw the sunny streets of southern califone-ya, (Fone-ya)
Where da gangbangas run upon ya,
Get caught slippin, and you go wit god,
if you smart, you may just, change them odds,
My name is Metafortae nice to meet cha,
And my vocals seem to be my best feat cha,
I get it started like house parties in LA, (in la)
If you don't feel this you must be gay, (Go)
hard or go home is what they say on the north side
(But Here) Doe or die by the road side.
How do i know these fools shot my bro
Revenge is cold i'm the get back pro,
anyway them leaves got blown away
This about how a man had a good day.
if i had to relive all the pain,
I'd do it all again i wouldn't change a thang,

Verse Three:
Drawing off my own strength, no ones helping me,
I can taste success a true victory,
Doing this for those who really need my help,
For them catch me dippin with a champion ship belt,
I rap in faces of the public so hood so humble,
so real can't crumble,
under pressure my nerves don't faze this,
Seven years in, I'm paid rich.

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